Raffle Prizes!!!

We have worked SUPER hard these past years to bring you all awesome raffle prizes!  Some raffle prizes are for paddlers only, and some are for all of you who also want to buy a ticket (AKA General Public).

Here is a look at some of our stuff we found for you LAST YEAR!

Coronado has been home these last ten years to the Chainsaw Massacre and Holland’s Bike and Island Surf have been consistent supporters of the race EVERY SINGLE YEAR! THANK YOU!!!  Once again, we had a bike to raffle off and a skate board to raffle off from our favorite long term supporters!  Also, a BIG THANKS went out to our other local and strong supporter who has been with us for almost as long: Emerald City with a $50 Gift Certificate!

Also – a BIG THANK YOU went to Ocean Minded for donating SIX, yes SIX Gift Certificates for a pair of Ocean Minded SHOES!  RAD! …and another BIG THANK YOU went to Pete Sterling & Waterman Applied Science for donating sunscreen to the race and paddlers!

Other raffle prizes came from sponsors near and far, such as last year’s California Downwind Race Series head sponsor Honoloa, as well as URT Clothing and Erik Carlsson with Torka Bags.  We also had 5 Hour Energy drink making a stop by the race too with FREE samples!  Which was super rad!

As FOR THIS YEAR, …Raffle Tickets for the general public will be $1 a ticket, $5 for 6 tickets, and $10 for 12 tickets, and $20 for 25 tickets.  Let the best man, woman, or child WIN!!!  

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